Tuesday, January 31, 2017



Genesis 19

God was pretty specific in what he was communicating to Lot. Sending two angels as messengers, God wanted Lot out of town. There was not time to argue or debate the merits of his work among the unbelievers. It was time to go. God wanted Lot out of their lives and he wanted him gone now.
As is the case with us humans, we don’t always want God in our lives. When it is convenient and when we have a specific need, we will allow God in our affairs, but only for a season. So it was with the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah. They did not need Lot in their lives nor his God. They felt perfectly content in their disobedience and wickedness. In fact they had built an entire culture around their perversion and self-centered living. Anything was acceptable, even sexual relations between men or between women. One of the most grievous sins had become an acceptable lifestyle among this people. God had had enough.

Before Lot could leave, he wanted another shot at those wicked inhabitants. Lot was reluctant to give up on them right when God wanted him to act. He was not willing to change his thinking and give up on those God had determined were no longer deserving of His common grace. There came a time when nothing more could be done for those who had turned from God.

There comes a time in our lives when those we have tried to witness to will have to live with their rejection of Christ. God allows them a season for repentance but like earthly season, they change. In God’s plan for them judgment is the next season. Judgement will come when it is least expected. Although we will stand before the judgment seat of God, we are assured that Christ will be there to show that the penalty due us has been paid by him. Such a great salvation will not be available for the unbelieving. There opportunity will end at death. What is left for them is to stand alone before God without Christ. They will walk like dead men right into the trap they have set for themselves.

Prayer: With so little time in our lives to accomplish your will, allow us the strength and wisdom to act on your behalf when the opportunities for witness are given to us. Do not allow us to shrink for these times but to stand and profess our faith and call the unbeliever to repentance in Christ. 

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