Sunday, April 23, 2017



Psalm 68:34-35    Proclaim the power of God, whose majesty is over Israel, whose power is in the skies. You are awesome, O God, in your sanctuary; the God of Israel gives power and strength to his people. Praise be to God!  

I arise today
To witness a mighty strength:
The power that created Heaven,
The power that created the light of the sun,
The power that created the brightness of the moon,
The power that created the splendor of fire,
The power that created flashing lightning,
The power that caused the swiftness of winds,
The power that laid the depths of seas,
The power that founded earth’s stability,
The power that formed all rocks.

I arise today
Through a mighty strength:
            Christ to protect me today
            Against every poison,
            Against burning,
            Against drowning,
            Against deathly wounds,
That I may receive abundant reward.

Saint Patrick

The Macmillan Book of Earliest Christian Prayers, By R. Forrester Church & Terrence J. Mulry, pg. 116.

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