Friday, November 18, 2016



Romans 8:31             
  What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?
            One of my all-time favorite accounts in the Bible is the battle between David and Goliath. Humanly speaking, all the odds were against the young shepherd boy form Bethlehem. After all, who could stand up to a nine-foot giant? Even today’s pro boxers and wrestlers can’t match his bul today. His size, strength and shield were unbeatable.

            But human inability allows God to specialize. This young lad possessed one thing that everyone else lacked – the knowledge of God’s promise of victory over Israel’s enemies. No doubt David read the words of the Law that commanded the Israelites to drive out the wicked nations who worshipped foreign idols and Asherah poles (Deuteronomy 7). He also remembered from Joshua’s campaigns that only a few of the Anakites (giants) survived and lived in Philistine territory (Joshua 11:22). So when he saw the Philistine champion and realized that he was from Gath (1 Samuel 17:4, 23), he quickly concluded that he was simply facing a descendent of an old enemy that God wanted and promised to defeat. The knowledge of God’s Word that promised victory shot him to the front lines of battle. After all, he was saying to himself, “God has already given me the victory in his Word! I need nothing else to win the battle. I can’t fail!”

            There are scores of promises in the Bible for us to claim; however none are more powerful than Romans 8:31. God has already gone on record. If you’re in Christ, no power in heaven or on earth can stop the omnipotent progress of the Lord Almighty in your life. You’re united to Christ. Believer, take this promise to heart – God Is For You! The victory is your right now. Your biggest enemies are already defeated.

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