Wednesday, November 2, 2016



Proverbs 15:3            
The eyes of the LORD are in every place, keeping watch on the evil and the good.
             If you took a poll to ask professing Christians to define the meaning of God’s omnipresence, odds are good that you wouldn’t get a clear description. When asked about this truth, many people have offered the famous childhood cliché, “God is here, God is there, God is everywhere”, by rote so frequently that when you try to press for a deeper explanation, you discover that some of this thinking reveals elements of pantheism. Evidently there are many who conceive of God as some kind of numinous or spiritual mist that canopies the earth in some kind of flowing motion. If God hovers and covers the whole world, the reason he sees you is because the substance of his being has stretched to a point where he’s positioned to see what’s happening in your life.
             This understanding limits the vastness and immensity of God’s position over all his created cosmos. Scripture says his eyes “are everywhere, keeping watch”. If we’re going to understand the meaning of God’s omnipresence correctly, we must start with this verse. God is the great watcher and keeper of his entire created universe. Omnipresence simply means that the actions of the farthest star are just as clear to him as the thoughts in your heart. He’s so great, so vast, so mighty and so big that everything stands before his glorious presence. And everything in this doctrine means everything.

              Precious Christian, take comfort in this wonderful truth. You may think that God is far away, but truly he’s not. As the omnipresent, living One, he sees your trial. He knows your plight. He recognizes your grief and pain. And he did something about it in the person of his Son, Jesus Christ. Draw strength from the fact that he sees what’s going on in you and around you and he wants to help you grow deeper through it.

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