Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Whose Rights? Psalm 50: 12-23

Whose Rights?
Psalm 50: 12-23

God does not need the sacrifices we make, sacrifices that are nothing but blind efforts and actions to entice Him to respond as we desire. Such efforts are empty and amount nothing more than God’s displeasure.

God wants your heart filled with thanksgiving and praise. Such a heart is backed up by truthful living, the living of faith in any and all situations. It is living and verbal profession of who we trust in.
If you do this, God will know your heart and will. He will acknowledge and accept your honest confession of faith. He will deliver you from your past and lead you through the results of your sinful actions into a land of “milk and honey.”

The unbeliever has no rights before God. No amount of ordained ritual and practices will entice him to respond to those dead in their sins. The unbeliever has no rights before God because they hate God’s disciplined instructions for their lives. Such people ignore him and seek to understand the application of his words for their lives. Ignoring him they continue to wholeheartedly associate with the wicked. They speak words that reveal the deceitful hearts they possess. They lie and slander to gain for themselves.

God’s slow response to evil is not grounds for denying he can see or know that evil exists. It is not grounds to claim that God does not concern himself with our thoughts or actions. What they think is God’s silence is really His patience and tolerance until the day when he will speak for their eternity. God will have the final word!
Before he speaks for the final time, he offers warnings for all to hear and respond to. Without a heart of repentance, they will leave this world with no hope for Rescue.
Honor God with thanksgiving and praise. This opens the way for you to see and receive God’s salvation.

How do you respond to ......
False accusations about you?
Lies spoken about those who do good?
Ridicule targeted at the helpless?
Anger directed toward the weak?
Violence against the innocent?

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