Monday, May 30, 2016

UNLOADING OUR LIVES Accepting, Storing, Turning, Appyling, Calling, Looking Hebrews 12:1-6

Accepting, Storing, Turning, Applying, Calling, Looking
Hebrews 12:1-6

The jockey on the horse is light for a reason. The horse can run faster and go farther with a lighter load. God calls us to be race horses. We must lighten the load that we heap on ourselves because of guilt. “Let us” get rid of the burdens that keep us from being ineffective followers of Christ.
We need to begin by taking inventory of our lives. What attitudes, thoughts and burdens do we carry that keep us behind what God intends for us. To grow in his graces we must let go of things that keep us from this task. The balloonist jettisons the unneeded ballets in order for his craft to lift and soar higher. Things that weigh us down are not necessarily sinful in themselves. Underdeveloped talents and abilities, low self-esteem, believing what others say about you, etc. can keep you from being effective Christians.

We must run. Life is an effort that we must accept. It takes exercise, practice, determination and work to live life with or without God. It takes more work to live life in the light of our faith in Jesus Christ as leader and sustainer of our spirits. God’s Word calls us to run with perseverance, faith and hope, no matter what the course he has established for you.

We must focus on some thing as we run. The racing greyhounds follow the rabbit around the course. That is their motivation for running the raise. Jesus said that he has prepared a place for us in heaven, in his father’s mansion for us. God says we will have new heavenly bodies when we get home. The Bible says we will praise God for all eternity when called home. What is your motivation for living? What have you set before you as the object to chase? Is it fame, wealth, worldly acceptance that motivates you?

Jesus is our ultimate goal. Whether we live or die we are Christ’s possession. This life will come to an end. We will age and grow weaker here. Jesus, the resurrected Christ, is the example for life now and forever. Focusing on him will keep us centered in God’s will, make us effective in our activities and keep hope alive within us every day of your life.

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