Friday, May 27, 2016


Psalm 27 

List your fears and the categories of fears you face in your life. Do these fears make your list: failure, solitude, enemies, ridicule, crowds, spiders, death, success, strange places, people.
Battling our fears can be a successful event. It can happen but we best battle them with God’s Word as our shield and sword.

vs.1 David first affirms what he knew is true. God is active in this world, this our lives. The earthquake in Armenia, the father dug for 38 hours to find his son, who, with 14 other boys, was asked by his son to remove the other boys first. The son knew the father if alive would save him and his friends.

Faith is not just to over come the fear of death but to overcome the fears we face in this life. When it is dark we turn the light on to see. When you are in the darkness of fear, turn the light of God in Christ on to lead you clear.
vs.6 David practices the presence of God in his life. There are 365 occurrences of God saying “Fear Not”.

vs.7-9 David speaks to God. He anticipates God will hear and will respond to his pleas, prayers and words. Speak to God when fear raises its ugly head. In prayer he petitions and praises God. He then waits for God to respond, speak or act. We call the waiting, painful. The Hebrew for “wait” is a noun - like the twisted cords of a rope and it is a verb - twisting or twirling of threads.

When we wait on God we strengthen the bond or rope between he and us. Our society doesn’t need to wait today. Everything is instant in nature and designed to bring immediate satisfaction or results. A 50 foot oak tree materializes in your front yard after the nurseryman has uprooted the tree from their nursery. Coffee is available as fast as you can heat water. Messages travel the globe in seconds when you press SEND on your computer’s E-mail.

Wait on the Lord and he alone will renew your strength and renew your life both now and forevermore. 

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