Sunday, May 29, 2016

Psalm 138

Psalm 138

There are times when you know yourself. You can trust certain things to yourself without fear of sin. But there are other times when you must walk away knowing that you can not trust yourself to not sin in a particular situation.

Our lives are filled with reminders of those things we can do well and can do within God’s will. We may be able to withstand anger when it rises within us. Maybe the cover of a magazine no longer arouses feelings of lust. Perhaps you can say no to that drink. But with every success and ability to control our lives there comes other temptations and potential pitfalls. It is at these times that caution and wisdom are needed.

Godly wisdom leads you around these obstacles. Wisdom calls us to get help from God and those people with greater strength and insight than ourselves. In times of challenge or decision God is to be sought for strength and guidance. Fellow Christians that have struggled and overcome are valuable assets. A Christian friend will not allow your struggle to be a point of embarrassment. They will recognize and relate the same struggle but the ways they were able, with God’s help, to overcome.

Prayer: I cannot deceive myself into thinking I the “man for all seasons”. I acknowledge my dependence and need of you every waking moment. The struggles I face are not new to you and often not new to me. Lord help me to look to you for the way out of times of trial and temptation. Put into my life Christians that can mentor and lead me with your Word. May my actions and thought be pleasing in your sight each day of my life. 

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