Saturday, May 21, 2016

God’s Mercy

God’s Mercy

This is the loving-kindness of God: He never turns His face away from a sincere repentance. God accepts and welcomes anyone who has become wicked to the greatest extreme and chooses to return towards the path of holiness. He does everything to restore such people to their former position. But God shows an even greater mercy: For those who demonstrate incomplete repentance, He still won’t pass by their small and insignificant turn. Instead, He even gives these people a great reward. This is evident from what Isaiah the prophet says concerning the Jews. He said, “On account of his sin I put him to pain for a little while, and smote him, and turned my face away from him, and he was pained, and walked sorrowfully, and then I healed him, and comforted him.” And we can also cite that most ungodly king who sinned by the influence of his wife. However, when all he did was morn, put on sackcloth, and condemn his sin, he received the mercy of God and was released from all the evils that threatened him.xii
Proverbs 12:24-28
Psalm 130
Faith is required to receive and give forgiveness.
vs.5 God forgives those whose hope is in Him.
vs.3 No record of our past sins is remembered by God our relationship.
vs.1-2 God’s forgiveness comes to those who cry for his mercy.
God does not have to forgive us - that is why his forgiveness is merciful and gracious.
2 Peter 3:1-10
Why did God bring you to this Place?
Why did God bring you to this Time In Your Life?
Why did God bring you to this Position of Isolation?
Why did God bring you to this Form of Suffering?
Do you believe God has a plan for your life? If you do you must recognize that His plan entails significant changes in your life. The process of an unfolding plan for your future begins with a change, Repentance.

To begin this new life and process requires faith. Faith that the plan of God is sure and perfect. Faith to submit to God’s plan not your own. Faith to begin the process that will entail stress, hurt and discomfort. God’s plan will stretch every part of you physical, emotional and, most importantly, your spiritual being. 

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