Tuesday, May 31, 2016


2 Peter 1:1-11

vs.1b Peter is writing to those who have received from God, faith to believe in Jesus Christ for the salvation of their souls

vs.11 What is the ultimate goal in your life? Where are you headed? Odds are that your answer, your goal is bound to the world this side of Heaven. Goals people tend to set for themselves are limieted to this world and to this short life.

vs.3-4 Knowledge of God enables us to accomplish two things. It enables us to participate in God’s nature as we become reflectors of His glory. Secondly it helps us to escape the corruption of this world.

What are some reasons for a lack of assurance about having been forgiven by God?

The individual has never professed faith in Jesus Christ, never trusted in the work he completed on the cross. Lack of assurance comes to a person who sees himself as a good person, who occasionally does bad and could pay God back with good deeds for the sins he has committed. Not believing he can be so deeply loved by God or others sucks the life of assurance from the person. Repeated sins and failings leads the person into anger and rage directed towards himself. His pride keeps him from knowing his own power is limited in recreating himself into God’s image. Without the acceptance of God’s standards for our life leaves us with infallible human standards for living. He regrets the consequences of his actions but does not need His forgiveness. 

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